How must a technology be designed in order to be used?

phone-690091_640Like the author has state in another article, the future of the locksmith companies looks pretty good. Their customers get more and more used to the electronic devices, such as a bluetooth sensor, that makes sure that only you can enter your house without the noise of the alarm.

Not every technology is adapted

However, technology doesn´t always win or is integrated into the lives of the users. Take the Mini Disc for example. The Mini Disc had a much better sound quality than the CD and the files could be transferred pretty easy. But at the end of the day, the Mini Disc was not implemented on a big scale. So what went wrong or to put in another words: Which design aspects have to be integrated, when the electronic locksmith devices are designed?

First of all, it is important that the advantage of the device is clear to the user. Of course, it is a better way to protect your home form thief’s, but on the other side, if there is a big disadvantage that might outweigh the benefit, the chances are very good that the device wouldn’t be so popular.

The second aspect designers have to consider is that the usability has to be very high. It is almost common sense that usage problems do not contribute to the success of the device. In fact these problems are responsible for the usage stop of the device and contribute to a big portion to the very high number of non – users. In order to make sure that usability problems do not occur, it is recommended that the users test the device. Doing so, they might encounter problems that were not foreseen by the designer. This process helps to identify obstacles and it´s importance is extremely high.

What happens when the device gets lost?

There are numerous studies that show that the number one factor that contributes successfully to a device adaption is it´s usability. The person that neglects it, is clearly doing something wrong.
The third aspect that comes into play when we talk about the integration ooffice-730681_640f such device is it´s security. As pointed out in the other article, that device can help you to have a safer home, but on the other side it is extremely vulnerable, for those people who lose these devices.

It will be interesting to see, whether the designers integrate a „mayday functions“ into these devices, that help to prevent misusage.

This text clearly shows a couple of areas that are very important, when the new electronic devices shall become a success. When these aspects are not integrated or neglected by the designer it is very hard to imagine that these devices will be integrated on a large scale.
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It is more likely that they will have the same destiny as the Mini Disc. I highly promising device that was not adapted by the users, just because of some bad timing and some neglected aspects by the designers.